Choose to Respond to Government Failures

Let's take local action to preserve natural resources and build a sanctuary for healing our Veterans.

Copyright: David Jay/The Unknown Soldier

My Story

I am Matthew Smith, a proud United States combat veteran.  My story is simple and clear.  I bear the scars of our government’s failed foreign policy.

My mission was to arm and train an Afghan military.

On June 8th, 2013 a member of our trainee Afghan National Army assassinated three U.S. Army Officers after shooting and disabling me.

What the government sold you as a noble mission to root out terrorism was really just the propagation of their continued graft and ineptitude.  While it left me permanently scarred, I was fortunate. Many others did not see their families again. 

Now, I am dedicating my life to support my peers and build a new team. It is time to fix what the government won’t.  Let’s Go.

How Can We Possibly Fix Such a Large Problem?

While no good solutions seem to come from government strategy.  Local action can create an example for more local actions. At MBS Leadership we are walking down a path to preserve two treasures which government and society continue to undervalue. 

Natural Resources

Preservation of land segments within populated areas that impact drinking water; such as aquifer, riparian, well, and rainwater assets.

Sometimes the only way to prevent improper development is to acquire the land on the open market.


Restoration of the moral of disabled veterans returning to our shores.

Those who suffer dismemberment and disability from the selfless execution of failed thought actions need our help to regain meaning and purpose.

A place to retreat in nature and become grounded again with the way God intended us to live is a good start.

Where Do We Start?

We intend to work the tools we know in order to minimize forest, stream, and wildlife devastation and to positively affect the moral of our treasured heroes.

We chose a private partnership route instead of a charity simply because we understand these tools. And frankly, if you look deep enough, there is not much of a difference.

Look for our first project coming soon on the Silicon Prairie Portal and Exchange.

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