The Urgency of Getting RFK Jr. on the Presidential Ballot

RFK Jr. and Adam Pilat

In the realm of digital discourse, voices of truth have been silenced, leaving individuals like myself fully aware of systematic censorship. Despite these challenges, my experience is not unique. Moreover, the recent suppression of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s voice exemplifies the broader issue at hand. All of the current lies and deception underscores the necessity to secure RFK Jr.’s inclusion on the presidential ballot.

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The Call for Democracy

The right to free expression is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy. At the moment, we clearly do not have one. As citizens, we must rally for its preservation. Similarly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent advocate for vaccine safety, has faced censorship like no other. My own censorship was simply an extension of the evil bots working to suppress humans and institutions of truth such; Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, The Weston A. Price Foundation and everyone else who knew it was neither safe nor effective nor legal. It is all a stark reminder that the digital landscape requires urgent attention to safeguard democratic principles.

RFK Jr.’s Censorship and the Battle for Free Speech

Transitioning to the heart of the matter, RFK Jr.’s views on vaccine safety have sparked controversy, leading to censorship on major social media platforms. Like many others, he faces suppression of ideas crucial to fostering informed debate. When people like me are also censored, it limits the reach of the voice of truth. This is the plan your digital overlords have hatched to control your mind. And control it they do. Lets break down quickly why I was kicked off of Linked In and then even after Musk’s purchase of Twitter, suspended from X.

Linked In was simple: Fauci Lies. Gates is Evil. Epstein had clients. So, it was only a matter of time before I was deleted. By now you hopefully know that all of the items noted in my X profile are true. Yet, the day after the WEF witch took over as X CEO, the bots came back out and I am prevented from having a voice. That voice has only two messages right now.

One: Trump Won 2020. Full Stop. And for this reason alone, he deserves 2024 and a lot of people belong in prison.

Two: RFK is the adult in the room. We need him on the ballot now because we need to end the two party system. Also, having a choice between RFK Jr. and Trump is the right choice to give the American people.

The Need for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Presidential Ballot

Amidst this backdrop, the urgent call for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s inclusion on the presidential ballot in all 50 states encapsulates the essence of our collective plea for democracy. It resonates as the rallying cry for safeguarding democratic principles.

The essence of democracy lies in the diversity of ideas and the ability to engage in meaningful discussions. Furthermore, RFK Jr.’s inclusion on the presidential ballot would open avenues for crucial debates on vaccine safety, public health, and individual freedoms.

Overcoming Digital Censorship

Just as I advocate for regaining my online presence, we collectively call for the reinstatement of RFK Jr.’s voice on all major social media platforms. The digital arena, being a primary medium for political discourse, should not be marred by censorship. I would also like to connect with others whom have been wrongfully silenced to initiate class action lawsuits where applicable.

National Consistency: The 50-State Challenge

Ensuring RFK Jr.’s presence on the presidential ballot requires a united front across all 50 states. Furthermore, the call for his inclusion must echo in every corner of the nation, urging citizens to champion the cause of free speech and diverse representation.

In conclusion, the urgency of having Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the presidential ballot is not just about one individual’s political aspirations but a broader call to preserve democracy. As I seek to reclaim my voice, we stand united in our quest to ensure that diverse perspectives find expression in the digital age.

For those interested in supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign and staying updated on the movement, connect with me here. Together, let us chart a course toward a future that champions democracy for all. I am a proud supporter of this campaign.

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