Dear Mayor Moore: A Call for Food Freedom in Flower Mound

Dear Mayor Cheryl Moore,

I hope this letter finds you well. We met in the parking lot of the Flower Mound Senior Center and had a wonderful discussion about the mayoral election and the importance of securing RFK Jr. on the ballot for Texas. Our conversation was enlightening, and I voted for you based on that exchange. Today, I am reaching out to urge you to adopt policies inspired by Thomas Massie. These policies will minimize non-sustainable building code expansion and eliminate barriers to food production in Flower Mound.

Eliminate Barriers to Local Food Production

Flower Mound has a rich history of agriculture, and it’s time to support our local farmers and ranchers. Current regulations often make it difficult for them to sell their products directly to residents. By eliminating these barriers, we can ensure that local food production thrives. Imagine being able to buy fresh, raw milk and other farm products directly from Flower Mound ranchers. This change will boost our local economy and provide residents with healthier food options.

Enact Local Food Freedom Laws

Enacting local laws that allow Flower Mound ranchers to sell directly to residents is a crucial step towards food freedom. This initiative will empower our farmers, promote local agriculture, and provide our community with access to fresh, locally-produced food. We can become a model for other towns and cities, showcasing how local governance can positively impact food systems.

Promote Sustainable Building Codes

One of the critical issues we face in Flower Mound is the expansion of non-sustainable building codes. These codes often add unnecessary costs and complexities to construction projects. By minimizing these expansions, we can promote more sustainable and affordable building practices. This change will benefit our community by reducing the environmental impact and making housing more accessible.


Thomas Massie’s approach to local governance emphasizes reducing unnecessary regulations and promoting sustainability. By adopting similar policies in Flower Mound, we can lead by example. The #BeLikeMassie movement encourages communities to take control of their food production and support local farmers. Let’s make Flower Mound a leader in this movement.

Get Involved

I am ready to support you in this mission. Whether it’s through community outreach, organizing events, or engaging with local stakeholders, I am here to help. Together, we can make Flower Mound a beacon of sustainability and food freedom.

Thank you for your leadership and dedication to our community. Let’s work together to create a better, more sustainable Flower Mound.

Warm regards,

Adam Pilat

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